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USAC - TREES - 2023

Trade, Economic, Entrepreneur, Summit


Worcester, Massachusetts

Date: August 16-19, 2023

NOTE: USAC Diplomacy and Investors Summit, On Trade, Economy, Entrepreneur the Call for A Pragmatic, (Realistic or Practical) Vision. This summit is taking place in Worcester, Massachusetts in August 2023. This event will bring together Deal Sponsors, Deal Brokers, and Deal Makers, from round the world. There will be many foreign and domestic leaders attending this summit.


We are pleased to take this opportunity to introduce our company, United States of African Consultancy (USAC). USAC is a professional partnership entity providing brokerage services to funders, academic and research institutions, health organizations, rural and urban development agencies, and government and global institutions, who partner with striving communities in the areas of rural economic development, poverty alleviation, and health improvement.


Our aim is to connect underserved communities by leveraging available resources to address social-economic and health development challenges to achieve sustainable solutions. USAC’s framework is to connect investors and resources with communities in need to create a lasting broader change within communities. To this end, USAC is hosting an event, the Trade, Economic, Entrepreneur, Summit (TREES) which will be held in the city of Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, on August 16-19, 2023, at the DCU Arena and Convention Center. We are expecting attendance by several African Presidents, diplomats, high level potential investors, Banks CEOs, and politicians from around the global. We are expecting very high participants to be between 5000 to 10000 persons.


Theme: Transforming and Accelerating Africa’s Investment Landscape for Growth:

Subtopic: Integrating partnerships with the public and private Sectors.


1. Opportunity to leverage existing business partnership for international trade.  2. Opportunity for youth economic, entrepreneurship and leadership development.  3. Opportunity to enhance/ Increase the trade, economy, and entrepreneur profile of the city of Worcester on the global scale, including other subtopics; 4) Investment opportunities in Africa.


This a rare opportunity for investors from across all sectors and nationalities to gain an in-depth understanding of the investment in Africa and share intelligent business skills as well. This summit will act as a one stop shop to not only gain information but access to deal makers, deal breakers and key players within both the American and African market along with providing a real opportunity to engage and close investment deals onsite that would otherwise take months if not years to achieved.


We are aware that it is impossible for us to meet our goal without the help of our community. To that end, USAC is kindly requesting your full participation in the TREES 2023 Summit. As benefits for our states and other communities nationally and internationally. USAC intent to provide opportunities to small businesses and organizations special access to national, international, or global investors at this event.


Note: We will like for you to be one of our sponsors. To become a sponsor, please click the link below:


Rev. Dr. Jesse G. Gibson

President/CEO, USAC

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