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KouNehway Gbokolo, MD, MA, MPH, MMed, BS

89 Bethany Road, Apt 308, Framingham, MA 01702


Senior social and healthcare professional with BS, MD, MA, MPH and MMed who is passionate about ensuring assistance to target population.  Strong leadership skills, team player as well as an independently worker with good communication skills, attention to procedures and goals with care and respect for clients and their confidentiality.



  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)                      A. M. Dogliotti College of Medicine, University of Liberia

  • Master of Medicine (MMed)                  University of Leiden, Leiden, The Netherlands

  • Master of Public Health                        The Netherlands School of Public Health, Utrecht,

  • Master of Arts, Gender Studies              Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands

  • Bachelor of Science (BS)                       T.J.R. Faulker College of Science & Technology University of Liberia

  • Nurse’s Aide Certificate                         Murray Institute, Atlanta, GA Netherlands


                                                                                                        WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                                           

SMOC                                                                                                                                                                             4/2019- current

Client advocate in Shadows Shelter in Ashland to present. Provide services to clients as needed, ensure safety during shift and make notes on each client for records. Worked in Pearl Street and Hudson shelters and made notes about the activities of the residents and held them to the rules of the shelters. Provided available supplies to residents when requested as directed by the managers of both shelters. In both past and present positions in SMOC, opportunities to speak with and advise clients were utilized in order to help the clients.   


Caregiver, Brightstar and Visiting Angels, Newton, MA                                                                                                 2015- current 

Provide exceptional activities of daily living for clients, ensuring clean and safe environment

● Create a trusting relationship with clients and their families


OTHER PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                 2010-2014


Moved to the United States of America, studying for the USMLE, CNA training and certificate, and provided live-in and shared-living care.

Moved to the Netherlands, went higher education institutions and later back to medical school but in the Dutch Language.  Worked as a medical doctor in my native country of Liberia; conducted successful medical and surgical interventions in inpatient and outpatient departments and in the operating room for many years.

Initiated relief operations during the Liberian civil war and recruited relief workers, including medical doctors, to serve thousands of internally displaced people and refugees over seven years as a self-appointed relief and humanitarian manager.  Coordinated the activities of international non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) such as the International Committee of the Red Cross, World Food Program, Doctors without Border of Belgium and the Netherlands, Catholic Relief Services, and Save the Children, etc and national NGO activities. 

Served as a liaison between local authorities and NGOs to effectively serve over a million people and helped to keep relief workers safe. Assigned regional locations to various organizations in order to prevent overlapping of services and resources.  Had monthly meetings with all organizations involved to assess progress and overcome challenges for the delivery of food, medical services, safe drinking water, and sanitation services to hospitals, displaced people and refugee camps and villages. Helped to plan and do trauma counseling training for health and welfare workers.


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