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The main goal of the food security project is to reduce poverty by creating jobs to empower the African community to establish successful and sustainable agricultural farms to feed the local population, as well as to establish local and international markets to increase revenue.  The project will help communities to: 1) increase agricultural outputs by reducing the cost of production and harvesting, through adoption of modern agricultural technology and infrastructure; 2) increase the quantity and quality of products sold at markets to generate revenue; and 3) establish linkages with local and international markets. 4) To reduce importation of food and creating food dependence. 5) Training for farmers.


Project feasibility and sustainability statement

This project is achievable in Africa because of the fertile land, the availability of land, claim, and the connectedness of the community, and the expressed need by local people. It will significantly benefit all parties involved in the investment. The project leadership has significant experience in implementing other community projects in the area.

TOTAL PROJECT BUDGET                                                       $11,948.280.90




To rebuild the entire Gbi-Dorue District in a modern city to the level that we want to achieve, we estimate that we would need approximately $2.8 Billion dollars. 

The mission of the Gbi-Dorue District is to strive to give every man, woman and child a safe and healthy physical environment that provides educational opportunities to everyone; accomplished by joining forces with the global economic world to provide real development for the District. 
By providing a stable infrastructure to the community, the people of the District will establish their own identity and feel a sense of pride to finally be accepted into a society that values economic, educational, political, cultural opportunities. 
The citizens will be empowered to evaluate their role in the global village with respect to dignity, hope, social justice and the meaning of work, allowing them to earn a living and realize their full potential. They will be encouraged to take the initiative to be responsible for providing for themselves, individually and as a community. 


The District of Gbi-Dorue is located to the north of Nimba County, Liberia, West Africa. Despite the GBI-Dorue Districts being one of the smallest in Liberia, the area is very rich with natural resources, including diamonds, gold, iron ore, as well as forests, timbers and an irrigation system. 
The relatively small size of the districts, in conjunction with its strategic location between three other counties, has left the people that live in the Gbi-Dorue district vulnerable to the counties around them. The area has been a battleground of sorts between the counties of Grand Bassa, Grand Gedeh and, most recently, Nimba County. Each of these counties; claims that the people, and land of Gbi-Dorue belong to them. Egregiously, Nimba County leadership recognized the value contained within the Gbi-Dorue land and has begun exploiting it of its natural resources. They have done nothing to help the people living in the GBI-Dorue to grow into a thriving, healthy community in return for the resources they’ve taken. Quite simply, they have been stealing the resources from this small vulnerable community. 
The people of the Gbi-Dorue district are left helpless. They are living in a village with no electricity or running water. Further, if someone in the community requires medical attention from a hospital, they would need to be transported by hammock to a medical facility located about 1,000 miles away. 
In addition, the only schools consist of two very basic elementary schools in the entire Gbi-Dorue district. Neither of these schools is located in a stable building and neither of them has qualified instructors. The children of the district are growing up with the stigma that they don’t belong and are treated as unworthy when they travel to other parts of Liberia. 
I propose that Project Rebuild Group, only with your assistance, will be able to stop the theft of resources in the district, and then use those resources to help the Gbi-Dorue community install infrastructure that will allow them to meet the most basic needs, such as electricity and running water. The natural resources within the district are plentiful enough so that their value would be used to build roads, schools, medical facilities, and much more



TOTAL PROJECT BUDGET                                                       $2,800,000




  1. We have secured a $1.3 Billion construction project for our Client: JLN Construction project in Ethiopia, with the Jose Humanitarian Foundation, Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

  2. We signed a NDA with GIS-International Commercial Inc, to build dwelling complex in Liberia.

  3. We signed a NDA with EcoPhilic Corporation for Malaria vaccine project in Cote d’Ivoire

  4. We have submitted a letter of intern for the consultant project with the African Development bank, Cote d’Ivoire.


A. To carry out marketing work through conducting services

B. To advance capability skills of USAC in Communities and global through networking

C. To assess the effectiveness and usefulness of United Stated of Africa Consultancy, Inc. framework and implement a strategy for communicating bringing of businesses into the company.

D. To provide Management services (1). Legal services, (2). Administrative services, (3). Projects management services, (4). Recruitment & Staff development services

E. Funds rising (Through grant writing, capital campaign for projects)



Throughout the course of the assignment the Clark University team will report directly to Dr. Jesse G. Gibson.  The consulting team is expected to work closely with the assigned Dr. Jesse G. Gibson and relevant members of the United Stated of Africa Consultancy, Inc.



1. Working with cross-functional team members to bring on board new members across assigned territories.


2. Initialize conversations with communities groups on how they can assist us democratize access to economic development and empowerment to the community For example, can they ask schools/ group homes’ boards to partner with United Stated of Africa Consultancy, Inc., on implementing the Economic projects for graduates students.


3. Research and present to United Stated of Africa Consultancy, Inc. the market needs, including the various consultant tools, techniques and resources required by USAC to succeed. The contents of the two documents will be presented to United Stated of Africa Consultancy, Inc.’ leadership in a session where feedback will be gathered.

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