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1. Platinum Sponsorship ($5000-$10,000) 1,2, & 3


2. Gold Sponsorship ($4000-$8000) 1&2


3. Silver Sponsorship ($3000-$6000) 2&3

4. Supporting Sponsorships ($ 1300-$2600) 2

Note: Colleges/Universities:

a. Full scholarships to International students

b. Partial scholarships to International students




Sponsoring TREES 2023 give you broader reach into the conference participants. It gives you the opportunity to make contacts, increase your brand awareness or promote your clean energy initiatives, pre-, during, and post-event promotion keeps your company top of mind.

1. Pre-event benefits:

  • Logo and link on event homepage

  • Logo, link and description on sponsor page

  • Logo in attendees emails

  • $150 discount on registration fee for your customers and clients

  • Complimentary conference registration (dependent upon sponsorship level)

  • Company's logo included on USAC website for 1 year.


2. Onsite benefits:

  • Logo on signage onsite

  • Name, logo, description in conference program

  • Logo on sponsor thank you slide at conference opening.

  • Company's logo included on USAC website for 2 years.


3. Post-event benefits:

  • Logo and mention in post-event email to attendees

  • Full attendees list with name and title

  • VIP Booth/ Table space at the event

  • On all event promotion materials

Please make checks payable to: USAC-TREES-2023

Trade, Economic, Entrepreneur Summit

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